Acute Disk Compression – Maggie

Maggie’s ThermoWave Treatment Results

“Maggie” is a 9 year old female spayed mixed breed dog. On November 18, 2012, Maggie became acutely uncoordinated in her rear legs and became unable to walk or stand without assistance. Maggie suffered from an acute ruptured disc in her lower back which prevented her from walking.

Maggie on November 23, 2012 BEFORE her first ThermoWave treatment. Notice her inability to use her back legs.

Maggie AFTER only her 2nd ThermoWave treatment walking out from Village Animal Hospital to her cat that evening.

Maggie on November 24, 2012 BEFORE her 3rd ThermoWave treatment.

The SAME DAY here’s Maggie AFTER her 3rd ThermoWave treatment.

Maggie on November 26, 2012 BEFORE her 4th ThermoWave Treatment.

AFTER her 4th ThermoWave treatment, Maggie was discharged from the hospital and went home!

Credit: Provided by Village Animal Hospital of Jericho, NY

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