Thoracic Lipoma – Haley

Haley’s ThermoWave Treatment Results

Haley is a large 6 year old female mixed breed who had a huge hard benign lipoma on her chest that had been growing for more than a year. Surgery was clearly not an option the family wanted to consider. Immediately after the third treatment, the mass had not only reduce substantially in size, it was very soft. After the second treatment the owner, who is a nurse wrote, “Not only is it smaller – I can actually feel her shoulder bone and hold the lipoma in two hands – thank you so much!” Then she wrote, “Yesterday Haley jumped up on the couch. I haven’t seen that in years.”

Haley After the 3rd Treatment

Before Treatment Pic

Haley Before Treatment

Immediately After 3rd Treatment

Credit: Provided by MMTS Medical, Inc., MA

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