Is ThermoWave Right For Me?

ThermoWave Therapy is demonstrating great results and the number of veterinary clinics offering this breakthrough treatment is growing everyday.

For Practitioners, ThermoWave Therapy offers patients a new, non-invasive, highly effective and safe therapy that heals at the molecular level, quickly reducing inflammation and pain, as never before possible. You can treat more conditions with better outcomes and no risk of damage to healthy tissue. With one patient per week, the system is profitable. Why wouldn’t you want to offer ThermoWave Therapy to your patients. Be the first in your area. Contact us now by completing the information form.

For animal owners, ThermoWave Therapy finally offers a non-toxic, non-surgical and highly effective treatment options that comfortably provides long-lasting pain relief, healing, and improved quality of life for your companion. Whether your pet was injured, suffers from degenerative conditions associated with aging or breeding, endures a chronic condition, cancer, or end of life pain, ThermoWave Therapy delivers unrivaled healing – Better Results, Faster. Reduced Pain. Naturally.

We encourage you to print this out and ask your veterinarian if they would seriously consider buying this new technology so you can continue to go to them for therapy and they can build their practice with new patients.

If you would like to be contacted when there is a provider in your area, please complete this form and we will forward your information to an animal practice near you.

ThermoWave Therapy Near Me?

Ask your veterinarian to consider offering ThermoWave Therapy today or provide us with their number and we will reach out to them for you.