Oncology Treatment for Animals

Breakthrough ThermoWave™ Molecular Hyperthermia Technology (MHT)

Improves Efficacy and Safety of Conventional Oncology Treatments in Animals

Dozens of clinical studies over several decades have proven that the addition of hyperthermia to many oncology treatment plans improves the outcomes of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery by 50% on average. Hyperthermia can also reduce side effects of these therapies in people. Yet in veterinary medicine we know the dosages are so much smaller than in humans and the systems cost prohibitive, we could not have imagined using hyperthermia technology for treating malignancies in animals… until now.

INTRODUCING ThermoWave Molecular Hyperthermia Technology (MHT)

ThermoWave MHT works at the molecular level to create heat from 41-44C,  1-15 cm deep. This causes vasodilation and increases blood flow to the area 1500% at 44C, which delivers oxygen, accelerates apoptosis, increases cell wall permeability, reduces tumor size, and eliminates toxins, enzymes, cellular debris and free radicals that cause inflammation and pain without risk of damage to healthy cells because they dissipate heat appropriately.

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