ThermoWave Benefits

ThermoWave™ Technology 

Benefits to the Oncologist

  • Improves response rates from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery
  • Improves tissue tolerance to radiation and chemotherapy, reducing side effects
  • May be used for reirradiation of some patients who have already received maximum doses
  • Improves thermal enhancement ratios, allowing lower doses of chemotherapy or radiation to achieve desired biologic effect
  • Extends remission and helps prevent metastasis  
  • Serves as a multi-function system by also treating neuropathic pain affecting most oncology patients
  • Provides confidence that healthy tissue will not be harmed by ThermoWave MHT
  • Puts you at the forefront of this scientific breakthrough for your patients
  • Creates new and highly profitable revenue streams for clinic based oncologists

Benefits to the Patient

  • Therapy sessions are short, as is the total duration of oncology therapy
  • High potential for better therapeutic outcomes than chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery alone, and increased safety, as not previously possible
  • Effective drug free non-invasive solution for pain relief
  • Enables the use of lower, less “side-effect” producing doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

ThermoWave Therapy is safe, effective and well tolerated by over 99% of patients!

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“The conversion of hyperthermia technology from bulky, awkward and only partially effective heating approaches to small convenient systems with deep-penetrating, patient-conforming applicators that effectively heat entire disease is long awaited.”

“I have never seen performance to equal that of your equipment in terms of deep penetration and precise localization of electromagnetic heating.”

Duke University Medical Center

Director of Hyperthermia Physics and Engineering

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