About ThermoWave

ThermoWave uses breakthrough technology to give pets rapid relief from pain, fast recovery from injuries, and an unrivaled power to heal naturally.

  • ThermoWave is the most advanced technology of the last 10 years
  • It non-invasively and comfortably delivers precise therapeutic heat
  • Significantly increasing blood flow to the area, while quickly removing fluids and toxins
  • Providing rapid healing and pain relief, as never before possibe

ThermoWave offers new hope to restore comfort and health to pets!

A rapid reduction in inflammation and pain is uniquely achieved with ThermoWave Therapy. Its proprietary dual modality technology safely delivers optimal energy to damaged cells without any impact on healthy cells. It acts on the smallest parts of the body containing water molecules to rapidly heal, as no other technology can achieve.

About ThermoWave Therapy

ThermoWave safely delivers high frequency energy and low frequency modulation, which converts to clinically relevant heat from 41-44 degrees C. This increases blood flow by 1500%, flooding the area with oxygen and nutrients. And, cell walls become permeable, which facilitates rapid removal of fluids, toxins, necrotic debris, and free radicals from these non-conforming cells. This reduces inflammation and the corresponding pain. And, it also resets polarity in non-conforming and deregulated cells.

Best of all, there is no impact on healthy cells and surrounding tissue because they are able to rapidly disperse the heat. Thus, the safety profile is unrivaled by any other technology.


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