How Does It Work?

ThermoWave up-regulates the body’s natural healing processes

ThermoWaveThermoWave with Molecular Hyperthermia Technology (MHT) effectively repairs and restores health to damaged structures in the body at the molecular level.

ThermoWave quickly:

  • Increases blood flow to treated areas up to 1500%, which stimulates tissue repair
  • Eliminates excess fluids and toxins that cause inflammation and pain
  • Increases production and secretion of cytokines that induce tissue repair and improve contractile performance of muscle, tendons and ligaments
  • Increases ATPase activity and HSP (Heat Shock Proteins)

With proprietary dual modality technology, ThermoWave leverages ultra-high radio frequency energy and ultra-low frequency modulation to penetrate biological tissue and generate heat to 44C to depths of 1-15 cm. This waveform causes vasodilation and an increase in blood flow to the area by 1500% bringing high levels of oxygen and nutrients for healing and regeneration, increasing cell membrane permeability, to rapidly and comfortably flush out inflammatory mediators and causing apoptosis, if the cell cannot be repaired. Perhaps the greatest benefit of ThermoWave is its ability to reduce inflammation and pain quickly.

ThermoWave Molecular Hyperthermia Technology – Analgesic Effects for Rapid Pain Reduction

  • Acceleration of the elimination of pro-inflammatory molecules
  • Decrease pressure of the interstitial fluid
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Action on the “pain gate control”
  • Alteration of the nervous transmission

Healing occurs at the molecular level, while there is little to no impact on healthy tissue. The thermal and non-thermal effects of this technology play an important role in oncology and post-operative healing.

ThermoWave features the first non-ionizing radiotherapy that can precisely and safely raise internal temperatures to 41-44 degrees Celsius, while maintaining a comfortable surface temperature.

A sophisticated auto-calibration system precisely matches the physical characteristics of the biological tissue, while maintaining surface temperature and preventing injury without any need for external cooling. Micro-sensors in the treatment pad continuously monitor and control both internal and external temperatures for safe and consistent delivery of heat energy directly to the treatment area.

ThermoWave Therapy results in a rapid reduction in inflammation and pain with accelerated healing, as never before possible.

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