Suspected Ruptured Disk – Sadie


Sadie’s Story:

In November 2014, Sadie, my 10 month old white golden retriever puppy, suddenly became almost totally disabled after a day at the beach. She could barely lift herself and going to the bathroom took everything she had after being carried outside to go. Although never diagnosed, we now suspect it was a ruptured disc in her back.

Sadie went through all that would be expected: testing and treatment for Lyme disease, a spinal tap, x-rays of hips, spine and frame, blood tests for other diseases, and treatment with prednisone (she was on 4 pills a day). Sadie also had a consult with a larger veterinary hospital that had a neurologist on staff who also had an orthopedist consult on the case – no diagnosis and no good treatment other than steroids and visited a chiropractor.

The outlook for Sadie was bleak – no one could say what was wrong or how to solve her issues. We were advised that our puppy should be euthanized because she would not recover.

Around that time, through a series of coincidental events, one of my closest friends founded a veterinary device company and began marketing the ThermoWave technology, which has been used overseas since 2009, in the US. This was the pivot point…

During the blizzards of 2015, Sadie stayed with my friend for five days, at which time she received three ThermoWave treatments. Sadie laid on the floor, while a treatment pad was positioned on her spine and hip for about 25-30 minutes total. Overnight Sadie seemed quite a bit better, and the following day she had her second ThermoWave treatment, which she slept through. By the end of the week after three treatments, Sadie was like a different puppy. She was not just walking, but running at a gentle pace to the mail boxes two blocks. She seemed to be out of pain and was a much happier.

In less than two weeks, Sadie was again a bouncing, bubbly puppy, and over the next several weeks, she continued to improve. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! We returned to the beach where she ran back and forth happier than ever!!

Sadie was worked off the steroids (prednisone) and was ultimately declared mysteriously cured by her veterinarian.

Sadie’s miracle was the beginning of marketing and sales activities for the ThermoWave system in the US. Yet the effectiveness of this technology has been validated and published from a multi-animal study at the University of Tennessee, Veterinary School. And, the technology has been used throughout Europe for more than a decade for joints, muscles, and pain management.

Together with Sadie, we have introduced ThermoWave therapy to holistic practitioners, veterinarians, dog therapists, speciality hospitals and equine specialists who are very impressed with the mastery of the technology used in the ThermoWave system. They have all been pleased with the results!

Thank you ThermoWave for saving my Sadie and returning her quality of life!!

Credit: Provided by MMTS Medical, INC., MA

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